Ramon Bosch and Bet Capdeferro are
architects graduated from the Escuela Técnica
Superior School of Architecture of Barcelona - UPC
- BarcelonaTECH since 2000 and 1999
respectively. Bet Capdeferro is studying for the Master's Degree
in Landscape Architecture at the Fundació
Polytechnic Foundation of Catalonia.
In 2003 they founded the studio bosch.capdeferro
architecture in the city of Girona, where they
where they work on the transformation of spaces
of different scales and natures, focusing on the
between man and the environment.
Their professional activity in the studio has
has always been accompanied by teaching experience at the ETSAB-UPC
teaching at the universities ETSAB-UPC, BarcelonaTech
BarcelonaTech, ETH-Zürich, EPS-University of Girona, Cornell University-New York and Washington University-Saint Louis, supporting the theory and the practice of architecture.
Louis, supporting, from theory and research, the development of the
the development of the design and construction process.
They conceive the project as a concave and
experience, capable of integrating harmoniously through an open process all the different facts and agents that make it up.
and agents that make it up.
In 2012 they were selected to participate in
the XIII Venice Architecture Biennale

  • Common Ground’ as part of the exhibition “Vogadors”.
    exhibition ‘Vogadors’.
    In 2015 they won the FAD Architecture Prize.
    In 2016 they were awarded in the Heritage and Transformation
    and Transformation category of the XIII Spanish Biennial of
    Architecture and Urbanism - ‘Alternatives’, as well as in the
    as well as in the Panorama de Obras of the X Bienal
    Iberoamerican Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism.
    His work has been part of the exhibition
    ‘Unfinished’ of the Spanish Pavilion, winner of the
    Golden Lion at the 15th Venice Biennale of Architecture
    of Venice - ‘Reporting From the Front’.
    In 2018 they are awarded in the Panorama of Works
    of the XIV Spanish Architecture and Urbanism Biennale
    Urbanism - ‘More inhabiting, more humanising’.
    In 2021 they receive the award at the Panorama
    of Works of the XV Spanish Biennial of
    Architecture and Urbanism - ‘Empty Spain,
    Spain full’.
    In 2022 they receive the Architecture Prize of the
    Higher Council of Architects' Associations
    of Spain. The same year their work is nominated for the
    European Prize for Contemporary Architecture - Mies van der Rohe Award.
Bosch Capdeferro
Climate, Metabolism & Architecture
Other professors
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