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Atxu Amann graduated as architect in the Technical School of Architecture of Madrid (1987). Year in which she was associated with Andrés Cánovas Alcaraz and Nicolás Maruri Mendoza forming the architecture office Temperaturas Extremas Arquitectos, now ACM_arquitectura, with which she has obtained, more than a hundred awards and recognitions. She clearly shows her commitment and ideas:

"In a life trajectory of continuous learning, formation and estrangement, all my activities since my student stage, are linked to actions of social content ideologically positioned and directed towards the fight for a more dignified and fair world in general and in the case of the women and historically disadvantaged groups in particular. I proudly find a balance between my professional activity and an implied responsibility as mother of Juan, Jaime, Javier and Josetxu."


She has been recently chosen as curator of the Spanish pavilion of the Architecture Biennal of Venice 2018.

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Amann-Cánovas-Maruri Workshop 2018

"Intermediate States"

Workshop Leader: Atxu Amann, Andrés Cánovas, Nicolás Maruri
Assistant teacher: Gabriel Wajnerman

MCH Workshop Length: 5 days






Fed up with the image, the significance and the arrogance of the buildings of housing in the cities, bored of irresponsible monumentality, of unwary form and the monotonous repetition of the constructed, we propose a different  register look on  the housing project.


It would be possible to send the housing project to new conditions of living, in which the city as collective space and sociability space complements and even replaced elements and conditions from traditional domesticity.


If the collective housing is porous it is not only for a strictly formal condition but also for the evidence of technological connections that make it permeable. The dwellings are transparent from the technological viewpoint, controlled through multiple devices whose uses, unsuspecting, bring us closer to a society uniformed to exhaustion.


In any case and in front of the set of relationships that occur in the network, to the theory of virtual sociability, it is possible to continue pursuing on building a close physical relations society and therefore complement these two societies that offer us advantages together. The community as a basis of collective solidarity does not exclude technological transparency society. Perhaps it is possible to affirm that new collective and community housing serves as a ethical basis for a new commitment to society. The new housing builds a chain of solidarity.


We are in an intermediate state, as it has always been, in a situation of strange lack of definition. We have produced, in the developed societies, a space and building of high quality standards and we keep repeating until be feed up that liberal creed.


We propose a reflection not on supposedly private part of housing but on those places in which occurs the sociability: The Intermediate States. Thus the entry halls, stairs, garages, roofs, those second places that appear as a waste of the stacking of housing units can become, within the reflection of new uses, in a fuze to reset obsolete buildings. In the same manner hallways, lofts, thresholds, lobbies and galleries... places of passages and again waste, can also become a potential transformer. What is not thought, what is discarded, useless, the despicable... What a good stuff to work with!


Amann-Cánovas-Maruri MCH Workshop was held in Madrid, from Monday 19th of March to Friday 23th of March 2018.

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