Enrique Espinosa Pérez is an architect ETSAM and phD candidate at Universidad de Alicante with the doctoral thesis “Co-learning/Co-doing spaces”. He is associated professor at Projects Department ETSAM at CoLaboratorio.
He is co-founder of PKMN architectures (2006-2016) and currently Eeestudio director. His work is been worldwide published, multiply awarded -reciving on 2014 the Arquia Próxima Special Prize- and exhibited in contexts such as XIII BEAU 2016 or XV Biennale di Venezia 2016.
He researches and experiments around object-space-identity-city-oriented design. He is specially interesed on assemblage processes and co-learning/co-doing methodologies in collective environments.

MCH Experience


  • Guest professor at Energy & Sustainability MCH'2018
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