Izabela Wieczorek is an architect and co-founder of g + w arquitectura based in Madrid. She recently concluded a Ph.D. dissertation at the ETSAM Technical University of Madrid (UPM), entitled 'Active Materiality. The Agency of Matter from the Phenomenological Perspective'. The notion of atmosphere provides a common ground for her research, teaching agenda and practice, in which the objective is to promote an awareness of the relational dimension of architecture.


Cutting across boundaries between theory and practice as well as across disciplines, the talk ‘Atmospheric Paradigms: Systems, Fields, Assemblages, Performances’ is set up as a journey in search of the sensory/affective/relational dimensions of the built environment. By acknowledging atmosphere as a key component of places and as a phenomenon which bridges weather and culture as well as the environmental and the affective, it is an invitation to think of the complex relationships through which atmosphere is disclosed and to which it gives rise and, hence, to critically reflect on its implications for architectural production.

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