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Javier Monclús Fraga (Zaragoza, 1951). Degree in Architecture. Escuela T. S. Arquitectura de  Barcelona, 1977. PhD Architecture, Catalonia Polytechnic University, 1985. Former professor at Catalonia Polytechnic University (1980-2005). Chair Professor School of Engineering and Architecture (2009- ), University of Zaragoza.


He is author, co-author, editor or co-editor of more than 150 professional and scientific publications on urban planning theory and urban projects. Among them: La ciudad dispersa (1998); International Exhibitions and Urbanism. The Zaragoza Expo 2008 Project (2009); Urban Regeneration (6 Vol. 2014-2020); Urban Visions. From planning culture to landscape urbanism (2018); Ciudad de bloques (with C. Díez 2020).


Professional works in urban planning as an author, collaborator or consultant in urban studies, plans and projects. Head of the team of the Riberas del Ebro Project (2001); Coordinator of the Experience Group and co-author of the Master Plan of the Zaragoza International Exhibition of 2008 (2004). Head of the Expo Accompanying Plan (2005-2009).


Director of ZARCH, the Interdisciplinary Journal of Architecture and Urbanism since 2013 . Member of the Planning Perspectives editorial board since 1990. He has been Convenor of the 11th IPHS Conference (Barcelona, 2004). Co-Director  of the II ISUF-H International Conference: Cities and Urban Forms - Transversal Perspectives (Zaragoza, 2018). He has taught and coordinated numerous courses, seminars and workshops, as well as Postgraduate Programs in several European and American Universities.

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