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Professor of Urbanism in the Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura (Madrid) from 1995. Visiting professor in the Universities of Turin, Rome (La Sapienza), Instituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia, TU Delft, Dortmund, Oxford Brooks, Brasilia, Nacional de Colombia (Bogotá and Medellin), Los Andes y Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Bogotá), Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Shanghai.

He has been linked to the city and the urban project from the very beginning of his professional career, taking on diverse urban responsabilities in Local and Regional Administrations in Madrid: Head of the Planning Department of the Gerencia Municipal de Urbanismo of Madrid (1985-88), General Director of Urbanism of the Madrid Region (1988-91), General Director of Urban Planning and Concertation of the Madrid Region (1991-95).

At present, as an independent professional, he manages the office of Ezquiaga Arquitectura Sociedad y Territorio.

Director of the Bases of the Regional Plan of the Territorial Strategy of Madrid (1995) and Director of `Madrid Centro´ Strategic Project 2008-10.
Furthermore, he is author and director of the Regional Plans of Menorca, Lanzarote, Gernika, Durango, East Almeria, Urban Agglomeration of Huelva, Metropolitan Area of Murcia, León, Ávila, International Tajo, Alqueva Reservoir, Gata Mountain Range and Pasiego Territory; the Master Plans of: Córdoba, Burgos, Guadalajara, Logroño, Segovia, Talavera de la Reina, Puertollano, Parla and the Urban Projects of: Castellana Prolongation, Regeneration of the military installations of Campamento in Madrid, North Alcorcon (Madrid), Madrid´s Green Railway Corridor, Manzanares Lineal Park and of the public initiative residential areas of Valdelbernardo (Madrid), Fuentelucha (Alcobendas, Madrid) and El Bojar (Cantabria).

Of architectural note is the project for one hundred and sixty social dwellings in Madrid with the architect Rogelio Salmona for the Municipal Land and Housing Office (2007).

Specialties: Urban Design, City Planning, Architecture

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  • Guest lecturer, City Sciences, MCH'2017
  • Specialty Leader. Urban Design, MCH'2018

José María Ezquiaga Specialty Leader 2018

"Urban Design"

The dwelling and the house: to speak and to think about what we could call "the dwelling discourse", is intimately and inevitably rooted in the deeper and more essential core of the architectural discipline. 

Implicit within the dwelling/project, there are to try out full genomes. An explicit one: to optimise the domestic space, and what could be obtained in and from it; and an embedded one: to anticipate a city/project, and viceversa, to translate it in so far as the city/project sets up essential conditions for future dwelling/projects (often without saying or knowing it, and only occasionally in an explicit way).

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