Luis Irastorza is Civil Engineer in Madrid Polytechnic University (1978) and Bachelor in Arts in Law and Business Administration in Comillas Univesity in Madrid (1983). He recieved the Medal of Honours by the Spanish Association of Civil Engineers in 2013. He is one of the “SIX LIVING ENGINEERS”, book written by César Lanza (2011), who expounded on the ideas and proposals of the six engineers who, according to him, were called to overcome the great challenges of the XXI century. He has worked in the construction of big Industrial Plants, such as a fertilizer plant in Leyte (Philippines), the biggest of the world at its time, and the extension of a refinery in Mongstad (Norway). He has also worked in the real estate sector, where he was the CEO of DUCH, the developer of Castellana Extension Project (Madrid) (1997-2013), one of the most important urban developments in Europe with La Défense (Paris) and Canary Wharf (London). He has been the author or coauthor of three books (THE CITIES OF THE XXI CENTURY: ESSAY ON THE SOCIO-ECONOMIC, TECHNOLOGICAL, ENERGY AND CLIMATE FUNDAMENTALS OF URBAN SETTLEMENTS; ENERGY AND CITIES; CLIMATE CHANGE AND ABORIGINAL PEOPLE) and, at present, he is writing one about the history of Castellana Extension, from 1700 until now. He has written several articles on urban planning and the transformation of the building sector and given more than 100 lectures in Intenational and National Congresses (World Congress of Public Transport -Vienna, 2009-; Universal Expo of Shangai -2010-; MIPIM -Cannes, 2012-; World Congress on Green Buildings -Barcelona, 2014-; COP 25 -Madrid, 2019-). He is currently the Vicepresident of GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL Spain and works as a consultant developing projects of decarbonisation of buildings.

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