Researcher in the area of Architectural Composition at the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies of the Politecnico di Milano. PhD at the IUAV in Venice in 1995 with the thesis Sulla facciata, tra architettura e città (Maggioli 2008). She has worked with Gio Vercelloni, with whom she has published several books on Milan and its iconography, as well as with Giorgio Grassi, being in charge of the monograph on this architect published in 1995 by Electa. In 1998 she began working in Barcelona with Carlos Martí and Pep Quetglas on Sostres and Coderch. The result of this research are her books Passaggio in Iberia (Marinotti 2008) and Alejandro de la Sota, dalla materia all'astrazione (Maggioli 2010). During the past year she has had the opportunity to deepen, working together with Bruno Reichlin at the EPFL in Lausanne, the concept of architecture criticism. She has recently published the volume Housing Primer, le forme della residenza nella città contemporanea (Maggioli 2012). Her research activity, always in parallel with his work as a designer, is based on an architectural project concept that interprets the architecture of the city in its historical experience as starting material for the contemporary project.


Housing theory
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