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Sacha Menz, born 25 May 1963 in Vienna, has been Full Professor for Architecture and the Building Process at ETH-Zurich since October 2004.
1989: Architectural degree at ETH. Begins work with Prof. Dolf Schnebli, Tobias Ammann and Prof. Flora Ruchat-Roncati.
1990-1997: Establishes architectural firm Sacha Menz and Kuno Schuhmacher Architects, Zurich.
1991-1997: Establishes Joran Sport Co. for design and production of High End bicycles in Zurich, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Since 1997: Co-Founder of sam architects and partners Inc. in Zurich. Several architectural competitions and built projects in Switzerland and abroad.
Since 1997: Co-establishes the real estate firm Staub Holding Inc. in Switzerland. Several developments follow.
Since 2001: Member of numerous architectural juries, member of the Architectural Board of Consultants for the city of Ostfildern, Germany and member of several foundations in Switzerland.
2002: Member of the Board, from 2005-2011 President of the SIA (Swiss Engineers and Architects Association), Section-Zurich.
Since 2004: Member of the FSA (Federation of Swiss Architects).
2008-2011: Member of the Board «Platform Future Buildings», a Research Platform for Sustainable Building Technologies.
2008: Public release of «Three Books on the Building Process», VDF Editors, English edition in March 2010. New edition published in 2014.
2009: Establishes MAS (Master of Advanced Studies) and CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies) at ETHZurich, currently running.
Since 2009: Head of the newly established Institute of Technology in Architecture (ITA) ETH-Zurich.
2011-2013: Dean and Vice-Dean at the Department of Architecture, ETH-Zurich.
2012-2014: Leader of Module X (Housing) at the Future-Cities-Lab 1 in Singapore.
Since 2013: Establishes spin-off Arch_Tec_Lab Inc. in Zurich.
2014-2015: Deputy Director of the NCCR (National Centre of Competence in Research) in Digital Fabrication.
Since 2015: Co-Principal Investigator at Scenario 1 (Dense Building Typologies) at the Future-Cities-Lab 2 in Singapore.
2015: Publication of «Public Space Evolution in High-Density Living in Singapore».
Since 2015: Member of the Board of Directors of SIA (Swiss Engineers and Architects Association).

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  • Specialty Leader MCH'2017 and MCH'2018. Business, Management & International Activity

Sacha Menz Specialty Leader MCH 2018

Business, Management & International Activities"

The knowledge of management tools is an important factor that determines the quality of the education that this course offers. By these means, the architect not only becomes the project designer, but also the economic manager. 

Participants will learn basic concepts of management such as value, cost, price and time, which will help adding realism to their architecture proposals and enabling them to be part of the economic debate during the building process. 

This specialty is enclosed in a context determined by globalization and deals with the experience of professional architects and companies that have spread their activity worldwide. 

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