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Carmen Espegel is Doctor Architect and Full Professor at the Design Department of the School of Architecture of Madrid (Polytechnic University) and has lectured in Italy, USA, Belgium, Holland, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Portugal. She has written several books and numerous articles. In Vivienda Colectiva en España Siglo XX (2013), Eileen Gray: Objetcs and Furniture Design (2013), Aires Modernos, E.1027: Maison en bord de mer by Eileen Gray and Jean Badovici (2010) or Heroínas del espacio (2008), she denotes her critical thinking about architecture. She has been invited to participate as a member of juries for architectural competitions.


In the academic sphere she leads the Research Group "Collective Housing" (GIVCO), directs and teaches the Projects Design Module “Housing Projects” at the Master of Collective Housing ((MCH), imparts Doctoral Dissertations on Housing in the School of Architecture of Porto, and lectures Master Courses at the Master Housing (MH) in the University Roma Tre.


Professionally, Carmen Espegel and Concha Fisac ​​begin their careers independently in 1985 and 1984. In 2002 they created the firm espegel-fisac ​​architects, associating to form an architecture studio capable of integrating architectural quality and professional requirements. The studio itinerary is developed in three complementary areas: professional, research and academic. They participate in numerous competitions, obtaining several awards that, in many cases, are built. Among them we can highlight the intervention proposed for the transformation of the residential neighborhood Tiburtino III in Rome, Chamartín Market in Madrid, Isabel II Park –El Salón– in Palencia, or some social housing developments for the EMVs in Madrid. Involved with their work at national and international Conferences, Exhibitions and Congresses, such as the Shanghai World Exposition (China), or the exposition at the Royal Institute of British Architects in London (RIBA) and the Gallery of AEDES am Pfefferberg (Berlin), their work has been collected in books and magazines such as El Croquis, Arquitectura Viva, ON, Arquitectura, Pasajes, Arquitectos, Future  and Oris.


Their work has been honoree in several occasions such as X Biennial of Spanish Architecture and Urbanism; COAM prizes (Official College of Architects of Madrid) in 1993, 2000, 2003 and 2005; First ATEG Galvanizers Prize 2004; Mention in the XIX Awards Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering 2004 of the City of Madrid; Award given to the best built of Social Housing (2002) by the Superior Council of Colleges of Architects of Spain; or Finalist FAD Awards in 2005, and Selected in 2005 and 2012.


Among other activities, Carmen Espegel has developed an entire career on the study of European and, particularly, Spanish Collective Housing.

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Carmen Espegel MCH Experience

  • Guest professor MCH'2006, MCH'2007, MCH'2008, MCH'2009, MCH'2010, MCH'2011, MCH'2012, MCH'2013
  • Housing Projects specialty leader MCH'2017, link to Program
  • Housing Theory specialty leader MCH’2018, link to Program

Carmen Espegel Specialty Leader 2018

"Housing Theory"

This specialty approaches the central issue of the course through the experience of professional architects that have made a significant contribution in the field of collective housing. The projects are explained regarding the intentions of the architect, as well as the conditions that determined the different paths taken from the genesis to the realization of the building. 

Participants will also study the experience of several classic cases in the history of housing, explained by some of today’s greatest architects. 

There will be special emphasis on the architect’s role and the necessary tools to solve common problems in the residential building process. The debate will define the integrated strategies when facing this kind of projects.

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