Gabriel Wajnerman, was born in Tucumán, Argentina in 1981. Graduated from FAU-UNT in 2006. (Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism - National University of Tucumán). In 2003, he won a scholarship and experienced a social housing workshop/laboratory in Mendrisio, Switzerland, granted by the Universita Della Svizzera Italiana. In 2011 he graduated from the Master in Collective Housing, at the UPM Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain.

In 2007 he co-founded Plural Arquitectos, with 3 partners. His work focuses on housing projects, developing different scales. His studio won the Excellence Award 2014, awarded by the architecture newspaper Clarín, as the best young studio, in the category of emerging voices and intermediate generation. He received awards for the BIAAR, International Biennial of Argentine Architecture in 2014, 2016, 2018; for a concrete house in a jungle, a low-density collective housing project and a proposal for landscape and city.

Gabriel Wajnerman has been a professor in the architectural projects workshop area for 18 years, between 2nd and 4th year at the Faculty of Architecture of Tucumán. He organizes massive international architecture talks in his province and study trips with its students, in conjunction with the UNT. As a teacher, he has taught at UNA (Universidad de Asunción-Paraguay), UBA (Universidad de Buenos Aires-Argentina), UPM (Universidad de Palermo-Argentina), UNR (Universidad del Rosario-Argentina), MAPI-UISEC (Master in Integral projects architecture, Quito, Ecuador) and UPM (Polytechnic University of Madrid).

He participated as a visiting professor of the Master in Collective Housing (MCH,UPM-ETH), attending the Amann-Cánovas-Maruri workshop, given at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, in the 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022 editions.

In 2018 he began his career as an independent architect, actively working on collaborations and strategic alliances. Today, living in San Sebastian, Spain.

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